The best guidance and orientation comes from within. Being connected to a greater whole, our soul knows more than our daily rationale is able to grasp. If we listen to the guiding principle coming from within, we are more likely to find what pleases and  inspires us along our daily path.

Sometimes though we loose our ability to sense what we enjoy and need at a particular time in our life. Too demanding are the imperatives we hear in our mind. These may be voices of the past, like internalised parental guidelines. Or influences from the environment, from our partners from our children or from the work place. If we think we need to be someone different from whom we really are in order to be loved, to be accepted or to be successful, we tend to neglect some of our deepest feelings and often our true potential.    In my therapeutic work I aim to help you ground yourself in your unique way of being in order to make use of resources which you already have in abundance but may not be aware of.

Sessions can be deeply touching and sometimes a bit challenging. Often accompanied by humour as we meet the unexpected on our journey. To widen the perception in a playful way is part of it, allowing us to see things from a different angle. You could well be surprised by the depth and wisdom you carry within.